Solis Tractor Believe in Delivering Reliability with World-Class Technology

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Attach ideal implements to these tractors and they are unrivalled on the fields and make every task smooth and easy. One of the leading tractor manufacturing companies of these mighty machines is SOLIS.

Farming is anything but easy! Not only does it require a tremendous amount of energy but a decent amount of patience too. While farming procedures and practices have evolved over the years, what really hasn’t is the hard work involved.

Today every farmer is looking for ways to simplify farming while producing healthy and best-quality yields. But sadly, not all of them are capable or aware enough to buy appropriate farming machinery and other pieces of equipment to do that.

A few decades ago, tractors were synonymous with terms like dust, vibrations, smoke, and heat. However, in the last few years, as labour shortage boomed, operator comfort and modern features in tractors became more and more mandatory. Features such as power steering, side shift gear lever, comfortable adjustable seat, extra operator space, premium driver seat and cabin, telescope steering and oil-immersed hydraulic brakes have become standard fitment in most brands and models of tractors.In fact farmers have started actively seeking for such tractors that come equipped with at least some if not all of these features. But unfortunately, these tractors are often out of their budget as well as reach!

That’s when Solis's modern tractors come into the picture! Extremely simple and easy-to-use Solis tractors are the farmer’s best friend. Equipped with cutting-edge technology that comes moulded into smooth controls, these farm champions can turn farming into something completely different.

At Solis, you can get affordable modern tractors with advanced technology and the latest features that will take loads from you literally! Once deployed these Agri professionals can blossom any terrain or landscape you think of. Be it muddy, paddy, rocky or snowy field Solis tractors can truly conquer them all! With Solis tractors, you can experience luxury and affordability at the same place!

Solis as a tractor brands always endeavours to work towards sustainable growth with advanced mechanisms. Today, as we move towards the top, we are also expanding our footprints around the globe, because at Solis, believe in delivering reliability with world-class technology and high-end services.

Many horizons, including agricultural farms, industries, and construction sites, benefit from the use of compact tractors. These tractors are the best companion for varied operations such as landscaping businesses, property management, farm maintenance and much more. Attach ideal implements to these tractors and they are unrivalled on the fields and make every task smooth and easy. One of the leading tractor manufacturing companies of these mighty machines is SOLIS. This company engineers tractor that is highly durable, reliable, and efficient, bringing a whole lot of utility and productivity wherever they’re employed.

Which is the most reliable tractor brand?

We know the perks of owning one of the agriculture tractors and we’ve listed some of the benefits below for you which will help you to select the most reliable tractor brand for your ventures. When you’re ready to check out SOLIS small tractor or accessories for sale, get in touch with our dealers for more help.

Ideal Work in Wet Soil Conditions

Many tractors besides their powerful engine and capability can’t work properly in muddy and wet conditions. This can be a huge trouble if you’re forced to stop work each time it rains which may result in delayed deadlines. If you need to keep working in muddy wet conditions, turn to the SOLIS agriculture tractor. The lightweight yet strong body, 4×4 wheel drive, and effective traction of these machines can move across the turf without creating ruts or pulling out the grass.

Minimal Turf Disturbance in the Field

The impressive and articulating frame on the SOLIS agriculture tractors helps all four tires maintain contact with the ground ensuring the even distribution of weight while minimizing the amount of damage done to the turf. With SOLIS compact tractor range you can get more done without worrying about the ground damage!

SOLIS, the third-largest tractor manufacturing company in India and the sixth-largest globally, is taking Agriculture Technology to a new arena. Empowering over 14 lakh farmers in more than 150 countries, SOLIS has introduced extraordinary innovations to accelerate modern farming and give it a new, upgraded face.

The brand has the world’s Largest Integrated Tractor Manufacturing Plantin Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Providing the best-in-class, customized solutions to farmers across India and 140+ other countries, the plant spans an area of 225,000 sqmtrs. and has a production capacity of producing 300,000 tractors per annum. The fully integrated assembly line has a roll-out time of 2 minutes per tractor.

The plant is designed in an environment-friendly manner and boasts natural light and ventilation, complying with industrial safety standards. SOLIS employs latest production technologies on this new production line.

With this plant and its sizeable employee strength, SOLIS is growing at a faster pace and has registered significant growth in its tractor in the last year. Moreover, their in-house engines and transmission hydraulics add to its competence and makes the turn-around time much faster. The plant has the capacity of rolling out tractors ranging from 20 HP to 120 HP in a single assembly line. Fully equipped to manufacture components required in making of a tractor, from sheet metal to the whole tractor, with this plant, SOLIS has conquered yet another milestone in the agri-tech industry.

SOLIS produces the same assembly tractors with different colours including Solis Blue and Sonalika Blue besides the colour Orange for 90 HP tractors exported to Myanmar.  In collaboration with Japanese farm equipment manufacturer, Yanmar Holdings Co., SOLIS jointly develop mini tractors in the colour Red, manufactured for markets across the world.