If You Are Looking For A Used Utility Farm Tractor, It Is Always A Good Idea To Have A List Of Questions Ready To Ask

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If you are looking for a used utility farm tractor, it is always a good idea to have a list of questions ready to ask and a list of items to examine on the tractor. Especially when buying an item like a compact tractor that iscapable of completing a multitude of heavy projects and that too

If you are looking for a used utility farm tractor, it is always a good idea to have a list of questions ready to ask and a list of items to examine on the tractor. Especially when buying an item like a compact tractor that iscapable of completing a multitude of heavy projects and that too on a ton of different terrains. Below is an inspection list and tips that you can use while inspecting a used farm tractor.

Decide Whether You Need A 2WD or A 4WD 

If you are going to use your tractor primarily for front implements, 4WD may be a better option than 2WD. It is also worth noting that 4WD tractors have a higher resale value than 2WD tractors. Once you have made up your mind, get into the basics.

    Hop inside the cab and observe the number of hours of operation the tractor has performed. On the other hand, diesel engines can go for much longer. In general, diesel engines are considered to still be good at 6,000 to 10,000 hours of hard work. If they are well-maintained some tractor models can exceed even 12,000 hours and still operate like new. It solely depends on the tractor model and maintenance. Do your complete homework and do not be afraid of a bit larger number of operating hours, sometimes the tractor may still be in excellent shape if the previous owner or owners have maintained it really well.
    Do review the maintenance logs, inspection lists, work orders, receipts and any other supporting documents you can get your hands on. These documents combined with detailed questions to the seller can offer valuable insights about the history of the small tractor, and how often and what types of repairs were performed. It could also uncover potential issues that have not been addressed by the owner!
    Before you start the tractor, you must check the engine oil level, as a cold engine provides the most accurate reading. The engine oil level ought to be between the “Full” and the “Add” mark level on the dipstick. Too low of engine oil level can indicate signs of neglect. An Engine oil that is in good condition should look like golden honey colour. Whereas a dark brown to black colour signifies that the engine oil and oil filter ought to be replaced. If engine oil changes have been neglected, there is a good chance of the build-up of sludge in the engine. To confirm this, remove the engine oil filler cap and look into the engine using a flashlight.
    Examine for leaks and poor seals while inspecting hydraulics, chances are you might spot signs that damage to the outlets or hydraulic tank. Check the fluid levels, it should be at the maximum mark.

In agriculture, tractors are not merely utilised to prepare the soil for plantation. Different types of tractors are engineered to serve the different needs and different demands of farmers. Let’s have a detailed explanation of tractor types and their functionalities in this article.

Different Sorts Of Tractors
Broadly speaking, tractors can be easily divided into 10 types based on their purposes and functions. Such as –
1. Utility Tractors
Utility Tractors are often utilised in ploughing or pulling heavy farm implementation tools like harvesters, tillers, cutters, threshers, etc. These utility machines are the best choice for new or low-budget farmers who are involved in general farming tasks. A typical utility tractor can be found with horsepower ranging from 45HP and above.

  1. Row Crop Tractor
    Row Crop Tractors can perform numerous agricultural tasks related to growing and cultivating your crops in rows, including weed control, ploughing, levelling, pulling seed drills, and harrowing. They can even serve as an alternative to some machines like threshers or water pumps. Such farm tractors come with many benefits, like user-friendly, comfortable driving experience, sufficient row spacing, ease of steering, easy attachment assembly/detachment, etc.


  1. Orchard Tractors
    Then comes the Orchard Tractors. As the name implies in itself, the Orchard Tractors are specially adapted for various types of orchards or wineries. These small tractors are known for their remarkable height and small width.
  2. Industrial Tractor
    Although Industrial Tractors (previously called Tuggers) are a type of tractor for the construction industry, this tractor type can also be utilised in agriculture to haul heavy loads or carry heavy weights around, when attached to a crane. What makes farming tractors distinct from industrial tractors is that they feature a drawbar instead of a three-point linkage. They are also available in numerous models with different horsepower strengths to suit your specific needs.
  3. Garden Tractors
    Garden Tractor have a wide horsepower variety ranging from 1 HP to 20HP, they can still fit in super small construction sizes as well.
    These tractors are often utilised to cut grass or plant new flower beds in your garden beds thus helping you groom your lawn too.


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