Win Free Fire MAX Holi Rewards: Unlock a Carnival Avatar & More!

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Free Fire MAX has introduced special in-game events for Holi, including the 'Damage to Win' challenge from March 19th to 21st, 2024. Players can unlock rewards such as Gold Royale vouchers, Phantom weapon loot crates, and a Carnival avatar by reaching specific damage milestones

As the joyful festival of Holi approaches, Free Fire MAX has introduced special in-game events for players to celebrate and earn exciting rewards.

The 'Damage to Win' challenge is one of the standout events, running from March 19th to 21st, 2024. During this challenge, players need to accumulate a specific amount of damage to opponents across any game mode to unlock exclusive rewards.

Players can claim rewards such as Gold Royale vouchers, Phantom weapon loot crates containing permanent gun skins, and a coveted Carnival avatar by reaching certain damage milestones.

Here's a breakdown of the tasks and rewards for the 'Damage to Win' event:

  • Deal 10,000 damage: Receive a Gold Royale voucher
  • Deal 20,000 damage: Obtain two Phantom weapon loot crates
  • Deal 30,000 damage: Acquire a Carnival avatar

Participate in this challenge and immerse yourself in the festive spirit while earning these enticing rewards in Free Fire MAX.

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