Jing Yuan's Impact in Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 - Worth the Pull?

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Jing Yuan, a powerful erudition character in Honkai: Star Rail, has made a return in patch 2.0. His high area-of-effect (AOE) damage makes him adept at clearing waves of enemies, but there are misconceptions about his potential due to the need for substantial investment. When considering w


Jing Yuan, a powerful erudition character in Honkai: Star Rail, is back in patch 2.0. With his impressive high area-of-effect (AOE) damage, he excels at swiftly clearing waves of trash mobs or elites. However, his true potential requires substantial investment, leading to some misconceptions within the community.

Considering whether to pull for Jing Yuan in Honkai: Star Rail? Here's what you should take into account:

  • Jing Yuan remains a formidable erudition character, particularly beneficial if you lack a strong AOE DPS option.
  • His value in pulling increases significantly if you don't already have Kafka, but diminishes if you are already equipped with Kafka.Jing Yuan's Lightning Lord is a formidable force in Honkai: Star Rail. When utilizing Rifting Zenith, an ability unique to Jing Yuan, lightning damage is inflicted on all enemies. Additionally, the Lightning Lord's attack count is boosted by two for the next turn, amplifying its offensive capabilities.

Through the talent Prana Extirpated, Jing Yuan is able to summon the Lightning Lord. This powerful entity gains momentum and strength as its attack count increases, reaching a maximum cap of ten. Upon accumulation of these attack count stacks, the Lightning Lord executes follow-up attacks, unleashing lightning damage on a single target and all adjacent enemies.

Considering the imminent release of Acheron, players may find it beneficial to assess the capabilities of both characters before making a decision. As patch 2.0 approaches, details about Acheron's skills and abilities are expected to emerge, offering valuable insight for players contemplating their next strategic move.Jing Yuan, the lightning lord in Honkai: Star Rail, is a formidable force on the battlefield. While his lightning abilities are a significant part of his damage output, they only contribute around a third of his total damage. It has been proven that players do not need to entirely rely on the lightning lord to vanquish their enemies, as Jing Yuan's own skills and ultimate play a crucial role in dealing substantial damage. In fact, his skill and ultimate are powerful enough to 0-cycle pure fiction, showcasing his prowess independent of the lightning lord.

Jing Yuan's kit in Honkai: Star Rail is multifaceted, with each ability adding to his combat effectiveness. His basic attack, "Glistening Light," inflicts lightning damage equivalent to 50%-130% of his attack stats on a single enemy. The skill attack, "Rifting Zenith," deals lightning damage equivalent to 50%-120% of his attack stats to all enemies and enhances the lightning lord’s hits per action by 2. His ultimate, "Lightbringer," unleashes lightning damage equivalent to 120%-240% of his attack stats on all enemies and further increases lightning lord’s hits per action by 3. Moreover, his technique, "Spirit Invocation," boosts the lightning lord’s hits per action by 3 for the first turn at the beginning of the next battle, showcasing Jing Yuan's strategic versatility.

In conclusion, while the lightning lord is an integral part of Jing Yuan's arsenal, it is essential for players to recognize that his own abilities contribute significantly to his damage output. Jing Yuan's kit in Honkai: Star Rail offers a diverse range of skills and techniques that, when utilized effectively, can unleash devastating power on the battlefield.

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