Genshin Impact Guide: Fontaine 'Good Stuff' Quest Puzzles

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The 'Good Stuff, but Terrible Taste' World Quest in Genshin Impact, located in the Fontaine region, involves finding five paint canvases and solving puzzles to reach the final stage. The quest consists of six parts, each with a distinct puzzle. Players must locate easels spread

In the Fontaine region of Genshin Impact, players can embark on the engaging 'Good Stuff, but Terrible Taste' quest. This quest involves discovering five paint canvases and solving puzzles to access the sixth and final stage. To initiate the quest, players must first locate six easels spread across Fontaine, which act as starting points for each puzzle. Notably, there are no pre-requisite quests required to undertake this adventure.

The 'Good Stuff, but Terrible Taste' quest is divided into six parts, each featuring a distinct puzzle. Below is a comprehensive guide to aid players in conquering each stage:

Part 1: West Slopes of Mont Aumonqui- Head towards the picturesque West Slopes of Mont Aumonqui to commence the quest.In the 'Good Stuff, but Terrible Taste' World Quest in Genshin Impact, players will encounter various puzzles and their solutions as they venture through different locations. Here are the details for each part of the quest:

Part 1: Water Crystal Arrangement Puzzle- Location: West of Elynas- Puzzle: Form a hydro core using hydrogranas, activating three water crystals. Move a crystal to a marked spot to complete the puzzle.

Part 2: Hydro Core Totem Puzzle- Location: Venture west of Elynas- Puzzle: Use a hydro core to activate all water crystals by moving two of them. Place a crystal in a marked spot to conclude this stage.

Part 3: Pneumousia Relay Puzzle- Location: Southeast of Elynas- Puzzle: Hit four pneumousia relays with nearby ousia energy blocks. Move the nearest relay to a marked spot for the next stage.

Part 4: Central Elynas- Location: In the central part of Elynas

Players will need to navigate through these locations and solve the puzzles to progress through the 'Good Stuff, but Terrible Taste' World Quest in Genshin Impact.- Puzzle: Pneumousia Crystal Puzzle- Solution: Navigate a platform, summon ramps with hydro particles, and move a crystal to complete the puzzle.- Location: Northwest of Court of Fontaine

  • Puzzle: Windmill Challenge
  • Solution: Use an anemo character to manipulate pinwheels, collecting hydro particles. Move the lone windmill to a marked location for the next step.
  • Location: Situated northwest of the Court of Fontaine

  • Puzzle: Hydro Monument Challenge

  • Solution: Form a hydro core, activate hydro monuments, and lift a buried monument to conclude the quest.
  • Location: North of Court of Fontaine

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