7 Lexington Law Pros and Cons in 2023

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Lexington law firm is among the best credit repair companies with paralegals and licensed attorneys working towards helping you have accurate credit reports.

Everybody believes that Lexington law is the number one credit repair company. Since it is ranking first in credit repair services, it is fitting to address the pros and cons of the company in detail. 

Committing to work with credit repair companies is a big financial milestone. It depicts that you are serious about refining your credit score to access credit cards and loans. Anyone can make a financial mistake, but an effective response can start to undo this damage. 

Credit repair firms like Lexington lac can help accelerate your rehab through removal of unfair, inaccurate, and unverified items from the credit report. If you pay your bills consistently on time and reduce debt, you will be on your way to a good credit profile. 

Lexington Law Pros

Lexington law is a big advocate for credit repair. It has earned trust since 1993. Below are the reasons why; -


  • It Is a Law Firm


Lexington law firm dedicates its services to consumer credit repair. It has legal staff in the terms of paralegals and attorneys that ensure compliance with all credit regulations and laws. Led by Adam Fullman, the directing attorney, this company has come up with a legal team of dozens of lawyers handling consumer rights. 

This firm has the capacity to pursue all legal paths to fix any problem in your credit reports. The account representative will be a paralegal that will offer accurate and personal info when you need it. 


  • Long, Proven Track Record


This firm is a pioneer in this industry and once you sign up, you will now think about how to cancel Lexington law. Since its inception in 1993 and incorporation in 2004, it has represented close to a million clients who want to fix their credit reporting and boost scores. 

Research into the industry will lead you to Lexington law. There have been over three thousand independent reviews pitting this company to be the best in the industry. The reviews have generated a score of 8.5 out of 10. 


  • Extensive Education Tools


This repair law firm provides comprehensive and accessible education tools to teach consumers about topics like; -

Credit scores

Credit rights

Credit repair costs and methods

Credit reports and history

Credit card usage

Credit bureaus 

Identity theft and protection


Personal finance

Life events

It publishes online repair guides to explain how to fix your own credit and if this process is good for you. This firm maintains extensive credit repair blogs with answers to all financial questions. 


  • Multiple Plan Options


There are four plan options to choose from; -


  • Lexington Essentials 


This is the newest budget friendly option that offers up to four Trans union and Equifax and three Experian disputes per cycle. It comes with a personal finance manager and DebtHandler tools. 


  • Concord Standard 


This plan will give you inquiry assistance, creditor intervention services, credit bureau challenges, ID theft insurance, and debt handling. 


  • Concord Premier 


It includes the features of concord standard plan plus the score analysis, InquiryAssist, ReportWatch, and TransUnion alerts. This is the most popular plan at Lexington law. 


  • Premier Plus 


This plan has all features of concord premier package services plus other services like personal finance tools, lost wallet protection, FICO score tracker, and cease and desist letters. 

Additionally, all the plans include credit counseling, debt validation, and goodwill intervention. 

Some experts say that these plans are confusing. These plans allow clients to pay for the services they need. You can learn how to cancel a Lexington law account online to unsubscribe from your subscription at any time. 


  • High-Quality Credit Analysis and Counseling


This firm will give you more than credit repair services. It offers legal services like; -

  • Water and property rights
  • General litigation
  • Select pro bono cases
  • DUI defense
  • Divorce
  • Criminal defense
  • Child custody
  • Bankruptcy

This firm can also help you when credit collectors are harassing you. 


  • Highly Rated Customer Service


There is no credit repair firm that can satisfy customers at all times. This firm earns good scores from Trustpilot. The customer rep may be a knowledgeable paralegal to help you navigate through arcane credit repair regulations. 

You can get free personalized consultation which supports essential exchange of info. 

Lexington Law Cons

There is no perfect company and Lexington law has its blemishes. This firm also has negatives that involve federal lawsuits. When you concentrate on the lawsuits, h=you can start thinking of how to cancel Lexington law. 


  • Government Lawsuit


The consumer financial protection bureau files a lawsuit against Lexington and its sister companies of abusive and deceptive practices. 

For instance, the bureau accuses Progression, a sister company to Lexington, of guaranteeing the clients 0% to 3.5% of down payment on home loans regardless of their credit, although it did not offer loans. The email shows that the executives of Lexington knew about it but did nothing. 

The complaint also accuses Lexington of violating telemarketing rules of sales by charging upfront charges. This firm’s claim is that a third party carried out illegal activities. This case is still awaiting outcome. 


  • Not Accredited by the Better Business Bureau


The BBU has not accredited Lexington law and offers C-rating over business industry concerns. It has averaged 15. Out of 5 BBB client ratings. There were very many complaints that were closed in the last few years. 


  • Questions About Business Ethics


Added to the lawsuit and complaints above, there have been many questions about the business ethics of Lexington law. However, the furor allows the firm to recognize and address these problems. 

This firm has stayed in operation for close to three decades and can show many satisfied clients. It is only time that will tell how much the legal issues will damage the integrity of the law firm. 

How Long Does Credit Repair Take?

Credit repair can show you results between one to six months. It can also take longer. It all depends on the number of disputes and the documentation you give. Legit repair firms know how to handle the disputes and should give you results than untrained individuals. 

Complicated disputes that involve foreclosure, defaults, and bankruptcies can take longer and even compel you to think of how to cancel Lexington law. For instance, you may dispute a hard inquiry that may force the creditor to prove that you authorized it. 

Final thoughts

You should not confuse credit repair with settlement of debt, a more aggressive activity that will damage your credit. Settlement of debt involves interventions of creditors asking them to forgive your debt and negotiate new terms of repayment. 

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