Types of PLC Timer

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Types of PLC Timer

In PLC programmes, input and output signals can be delayed using PLC timers, which are built-in PLC instructions.

PLC timers work like relay timers, despite the fact that you can't hold one in your hand and they don't need wire connections to work.

What are the types of the PLC Timer?

Which sorts of timer instructions are used while programming PLCs?

Languages that support ladder diagram programming are used with the three primary types of PLC timer instructions.

PLC Timers are frequently used to delay an event or stop a device from going off during an on/off transition. The three different types of timers are Timer ON delay (TONNE), Timer Off delay (TOF), and Retentive Timer On delay (RTO).

These timers are,

  1. On Timer (TOn)
  2. Off Timer (TOff)
  3. Retentive On-Off Timer (RTO)
  4. Interval Timer
  5. Pulse Timer
  6. One Shot Timer
  7. Real-Time Clock
  1. On Timer (TON)

What is TON?

  • TONNE stands for "On Delay Timer".
  • On-delay timers (TONNE) are programming instructions that are used to start short pulses for a predetermined period of time.
  • The 'turning on' of an On-delay timer's output is delayed when it is activated (True) in LD programming.
  • Until the timer's designated end, this output will be active. command to turn off PLC timer delay.
  • Based on the delay period, it is advantageous to activate the output contact (such as a machine or process).
  • Pressing the button (NC) initiates the brief pulse. After the 10 seconds, the motor will turn "On".
  1. Off Timer (TOFF)

Explain TOFF.

  • TOFF is often referred to as a "Off-Delay Timer".
  • An output or system can be made to switch off after a certain amount of time using a PLC programming instruction called an off-delay (TOF) timer.
  • In PLC programming, the off-delay timer instantly "turns on" its output when it is engaged (True). The output will be active till the specified time.
  • The output "turns off" once the preset length of time has passed. The condition becoming "off" causes the timer to de-energize (False).
  • Delaying the shutdown of machinery or processes is beneficial in the automation industries.
  • The motor will start up as soon as you push (NC) and run for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the motor will turn off on its own (NO).
  • This is what the off-delay timer primarily aims to do.
  1. Retentive Timer On/Off (RTO)

The preset (accumulated) time is what the RTO is mostly used for.

RTO is utilised if the rung status changes, there is a power loss, or there is some type of system disruption.

  1. Interval Timer

This type of timer is used to monitor the time between two signals, such as the time between an opening and closing valve.

  1. Pulse Timer

This type of timer is used to generate a pulse with a predefined length when a signal is received.

  1. One Shot Timer

When a signal is received, this type of timer—also known as a monostable timer—is used to generate a single output pulse with a predefined length.

  1. Real-Time Clock

This kind of timer keeps real-time track of the time and date and is frequently used in applications like building automation and security systems.

All of this is relevant to the basic defence of AB PLC timer instructions. There are many industrial uses for these PLC timer kinds.

PLC timers used in Siemens PLCs come in five different categories. With these five timer instructions, the on-delay, off-delay, pulse, pulse extended, and on-delay extended timers are used.

The RTO instruction works very similarly to the TONNE instruction, with one significant distinction. The ACC value is kept when the rung on the RTO instruction turns false. When the rung turns true once more, the ACC value continues where it left off. The RTO might be utilised as an hour metre that shows the total amount of time that machines have been running.

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